Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller Review

When you’re a growing family, a good, durable stroller that offers much benefits and convenience is definitely a must have. It’s hard to do this with only one stroller in tow because even if you’re eldest may already be a toddler who can walk, note that he’s all the more heavy to carry if he’s tired, not to mention crankier.
So when you go out with both baby and toddler kids, have them seated comfortably in the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller.


1. Makes a Good Travel System

The Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller is compatible with two Graco Classic Connect infant cars which you can use to create your own travel system. You’ll appreciate this feature as it makes it easy for you to bring your kids in long trips. More than that, you’re assured that they’re safe and secure all throughout your travel too.

2. Comfortable Seats

What good would a stroller be if your baby can’t sit properly on it? That’s one of the primary things any stroller should have; hence, the DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller have the two seats that are reclinable for your children to sleep soundly if they’re tired and had enough adventure for the day. You also have the option to adjust them in 3 or 5 point harness to make sure that baby is strapped securely wherever you go.
Each seat comes with a footrest so babies and toddlers are sure to be in comfort from head to toe especially when you are on long trips. What’s more, this stroller features individual canopies that can rotate to ensure that your kids are protected from the harsh elements of the environment like the sun’s UV rays, rain and insect bites.

3. Better Viewing with Stadium Seats

For your kids to have a better view, the stroller’s rear seat is slightly raised than the front. This enables each child to see everything around him or her better to avoid getting bored easily. They are sure to delight in all the things they are sure to discover like trees, plants and flowers of every color and people they see along the way as you go about your stroll.

4. Easy Folding

For more convenience, the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller can be folded easily, with no bending needed. Moreover, you can fold it using only one hand so that your other hand is free to carry your baby or hold your toddler. This stroller can also stand latch on its own and is really quick and easy to store in standard car trunks and areas that doesn’t have much space.

Other Helpful Accessories

  • The Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller comes with an extra large storage basket that is certain to hold not just baby’s diapers, clothes and other gear but yours as well. It can easily be accessed as well so you won’t have any trouble trying to get what you need.
  • The stroller’s front swivel wheels that can be locked make it easy to maneuver even with both babies and complete gear onboard.
  • Comes with a built-in cup holder for baby and for parents, one built-in cup holder and built-in organizer for easy arrangement of gear.

Customer Scores and Reviews

A total of 27 customers gave the DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller 5 star ratings, 21 gave it 4 stars, 7 gave it 3 stars, 2 gave it 2 stars and 1 gave it 1 star. Not bad at all for it garnered an average of 4.2 out of a possible 5 at this time of writing. Here are some of their favorite features so far:

1. Compact Size

For a double stroller, the DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller is narrow enough to pass through doorways, aisles and yes, it cuts around corners well too. Moreover, its small footprint makes it ideal for you if your storage area or car trunk has limited space.

2. Lightweight yet Sturdy

One mom said she found the Graco DuoGlider Classic Connect Stroller to be made of high quality materials. It’s got a solid frame and seats feel to be thick, durable and waterproof. It can likewise go through uneven terrain including uphill and downhill.

3. Easy to Open and Collapse

A parent shared that this stroller has no problems when it comes to opening and collapsing it. She said she had tried doing it with one hand only while she held her baby with the other hand and found it to be relatively easy to do. All you need to do is unsnap the lever to unfold and for collapsing, a mere pull and twist of the handlebar does the trick.

4. Large Canopies give Great Shade

Both seats are equipped with large canopies that give great shade in the right spots. It’s also great that the front canopy is adjustable and while the rear canopy is stationary,what gives it a great feature is its clear backing so you can still keep an eye on your babies as you carry on with your stroll.

5. Huge Storage Basket

Parents love the fact that the storage basket offers much space to hold both their children’s things and thiers. This certainly makes it convenient because if ever they need anything, no need to look for it anywhere in the stroller as they can automatically access it from the storage box under the seat. Furthermore, the kids’ feet don’t take up any space from the cargo, which is another attractive feature.


What parents found to be a problem with the Graco DuoGlider Classic Stroller is found in its accessories. For starters, the common complaint was that of the trays. Apart from being difficult to remove, they don’t open at all so that you can have can easily load your kids in and out of the seats. One parent said unlike other strollers, the trays are seemingly meant to stay once you have assembled the stroller but as another parent shared, she has to to remove the front tray so that it can fit in her trunk.
The next common complaint parents had concerns that of the front cup holder which is found to be too small to hold children’s sippy cups even if they’re not the ones big in size.
Third, some wished for the seats to be more reclinable as in all the way flat. One parent said if her baby is asleep, she uses a mini pillow for her to use which works fine however, she cautioned that that the lack of recline may not be suitable for a newborn. However, for babies more than 6 months and up, the reclining options of this stroller would be okay already.


Overall, the Graco DuoGlider Classic Stroller received more positive feedback from users and for what features it lacks, majority of the parents still find it good to use as it has definitely made bringing their child along for strolls, trips and errands easier. At such a good price deal with more pros and cons, this stroller came highly recommended.


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