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Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller Review

When you have two kids above 6 months, most especially those in toddler years, mobility of double strollers is essential so that going out or running errands with them would be easier, faster and more convenient. It’s a good thing then that the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is there to cater to this need.

Features that Make the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller A Great Convenience to Have

1. Offers Great Mobility

When out with your little tykes, the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller helps you big time when it comes to maneuverability especially when you have to pass through those troublesome narrow doorways and passageways.
It can be a little awkward when you find yourself stuck in those door frames but with this stroller’s compact size, you need not worry about that because for sure, getting through such limited spaces as well as curbs and tight corners would be a breeze. The same story goes when you are putting this stroller in the trunk of your car because it has a small footprint.

2. Lightweight and Folds Easily

Double strollers are expected to be heavy but the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is an exception. At only 22.6 pounds, you certainly won’t have any problem carrying it even if you may be a woman of petite frame so transporting it from in and out of your car would be a cinch. Moreover, it’s easy to store because of its compact umbrella fold. Such feature is also handy when you are traveling because it would be easy to keep it when not in use.

3. Guaranteed Safety and Comfort

THe Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller is equipped with 360 degree shock absorbing, and swiveling front wheels that contributes much to making it a safe and easy to navigate stroller. It also comes with a 5 point harness that’s especially important if your baby can’t hold himself up that well yet. For our children’s comfort, the seats come with shoulder pads and multi-position reclining feature, which comes in handy when your babies are tired and asleep.

Other Beneficial Features

  • Large European style canopies to cover and protect your kids from the shade of the sun, rain, bites from insects and other harsh elements of the environment. It doesn’t hurt that its design complements the overall look and style of the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller.
  • Two large hanging storage bags conveniently located at the back of each seat to store baby’s diapers, clothes, bottles and other gear as well as that of your own essentials.
  • A parents’ cup holder with two attachment points where you can put your water bottle or soda and just drink it even while you’re taking your stroll or when you’re taking a rest.

Customer Scores and Reviews

At this time of writing, the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller received a total of 27 user reviews and holds a 4.0 average rating out of 5 stars. There are 12 customers who gave it 5 stars, 10 gave it 4 stars, 1 gave it 3 star, 2 gave it 2 stars and s gave it 1 star. For what reasons, read on to find out what features they especially love.

1. Fits through Doors as Promised

Any customer would be very pleased when a product does what it’s advertised to do. In the case Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller, it was described to fit narrow doors and passageways with no problems and many parents find it to be true. They had no problems going through curbs and tight corners as well.

2. Lightweight but Sturdy

Many parents, moms especially, love the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller for its very light weight because it’s so easy to transport from one place to another but they love it even more when they can experience for themselves that light as it is, this stroller is made of sturdy, quality material. One mom shared that she has no problem getting this stroller in and out of her car trunk and another said that they made the stroller trek down some rough trails during their vacation to Yosemite and it withstood the journey.

3. Great Storage Compartment

The Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller contains four storage compartments: 2 hanging mesh bags and 2 pockets on the back of the seats. They are all useful in storing diapers, snacks and toys. One mother tried testing out the storage and what she did was to totally emptied the contents of the diaper bag and was pleased to see that she still had room to spare.


Some drawbacks that parents found for the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Stroller were nothing really minor. One of these is the stroller comes short which can be a challenge for the taller parents. As one mom pointed out, it was no problem for her 5’5 height but it didn’t work too well for her 5’11 husband.
The second common concern of parents are the canopies. They agree that it really goes well with the entire stroller design but they don’t block much sun and they can’t do anything to adjust it because the canopies are not removable.
Lastly, most parents didn’t share this experience but there were a few who had problems with the wheels of the stroller as they got stuck at cracks on the sidewalk. The middle wheel has the tendency to turn sideways and if not fixed, you could end up dragging them along instead.


Despite the few setbacks the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Stroller has, many parents still find it convenient to use most especially for its being lightweight, compact, easy to fold and transport and most of all, so easy to get through any door or narrow passageways.
Because it’s an umbrella stroller, you can’t expect it to carry much weight or go through surfaces that are rough and uneven. It’s just not built for that kind of strolling but as far as how an umbrella stroller is expected to perform, the Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Stroller does a pretty good job. Do note that it’s JPMA certified, meets all ASTM standards and conforms to all CPSC standards. And you get all these advantages at a price that’s less than $100 so that’s a really great value for money purchase.


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