Contours Optima Tandem Double Stroller Review

Double strollers come in different sitting positions but wouldn’t it be just great if you can have a stroller that allows options for both how you want your kids or how they want to sit? Pretty neat huh?
Well, it’s a good thing that this just won’t be wishful thinking on your part because the Contours Optima Tandem Double Stroller can do just that!

Four Features that Make the Contours Optima Tandem Double Stroller A Great Buy

1. Provides Rare Flexibility

What really makes this stroller stand out is the fact that it features reversible seats that you can position in six different ways. Imagine yourself out for a stroll in the park and your children, restless as they are at this age, are getting bored with the whole seating arrangement and want to get out or be carried. You can’t very well do that if you have two kids in tow right?
So this is where the reversible seats come in handy. Your kids can have the usual facing front position or face you if they’re sleeping or drinking their milk and you need to keep a keen eye on them. You can also have your kids face each other so they can interact while looking at the things going around them, or sit back to back if they happen to have some sort of rift going on. That certainly helps to solve the problem of boredom and restlessness right?
If you have one older kid and a baby in tow and the former doesn’t really like to sit on the stroller much, you can just use the front seat for your baby while the back can be employed as an extra storage space. Lastly, the Contours Optima Double Stroller accommodates two car seats and is compatible with majority of the well-known car seats for infants so it makes a good option for a travel system. Overall, you have to admit not many double strollers can offer you that much advantage as far as flexibility is concerned.

2. Helps to Lighten Your Load

Weighing only 36.6 pounds, you certainly won’t have a problem pushing or carrying the Contours Tandem Stroller. It’s light frame makes it so easy to use that you and your kids are sure to find your strolling an experience enjoyable. What’s more, it’s a cinch to fold so that really plays much for easy transport.

3. Conserves Space

What use would a lightweight stroller be if it’s size doesn’t follow? Compact in frame, it certainly takes up a minimal amount of space so the Contours Tandem Stroller is very ideal if you’re living in a condominium or apartment and if your car doesn’t have a spacious interior or trunk. Its Auto Lock and Free Stand feature likewise enable it to stand upright even when folded making it a perfect fit for limited storage areas.

4. Offers Much Convenience

Technically, all double strollers are designed to offer you convenience especially when you’re outdoors with your kids but the Contours Optima Double Stroller went the extra mile. We’re pretty familiar with two built-in cup holders for baby’s use but what about when you also need a drink to quench your thirst after your stroll? Well, the manufacturers of this product took that into consideration because yes, it comes with a cup holder for parents as well. There’s certainly no need to worry about where to put your drink now if you’re having one while still in your stroll.
You may be out with your kids for a few hours or even the whole day so this implies that you would need to feed them while sitting in their stroller. Enter its built-in organizer tray to help you feed your children easier and not to mention, less messier.

Other Helpful Features

  • Infant head support which is a great feature if your baby or babies less than 6 months of age are asleep.
  • Reclining seats which are very useful when your kids older than 3 months are asleep.
  • Two canopies to provide your kids shade from the sun or protection from the rain and possible insect bites.
  • Quick and easy to adjust harnesses.
  • Extra large storage basket that can hold your gear and all the things you need to bring for your tots from diapers and clothes to food and milk.

Customer Scores and Reviews

At this time of writing, The Contour Optima Tandem Stroller holds an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from its 28 reviews in Amazon. Not bad an overall score for a double stroller that certainly does more than meets the eye. Many parents fell in love with it because it is exactly what it promises to be.

1. Lightweight, Compact and Easy to Maneuver

To give you an idea of how lightweight it is, one parent said it’s easy to take walks on the steep hills of their neighborhood. Mothers of petite size also commented on how easy it was for them to carry and fold as well as push even with both babies and full load gear are in tow.
When it comes to compactness and maneuverability, comments complement each other. Because this stroller has small footprint, it’s no hassle passing or storing it in areas with limited spaces. Try to imagine yourself pushing a double stroller along a mall of so many people. The thought alone is enough to get you stressed out but fret not as some parents didn’t have trouble navigating the Contours Optima Tandem Double Stroller in and out of crowds as well as in tightly packed stores. You can slip easily through doorways and it fits standard trunk cars, even one as small as that of a Mitsubishi Lancer.

2. Highly Modifiable

Many parents appreciate the flexibility of its seating positions as it allows different configurations for babies and older kids especially. One parent said her toddler can get easily bored in one sitting position but a simple change would do to get her behaved and pre-occupied for another hour or two.

3. Useful and Innovative Perks

Having something as simple yet so useful as permanent cup holders for parents didn’t go unnoticed by the users. One find it a real treat as not all strollers offer the same convenience so hats off to the manufacturers for this ingenuity. Many folks also appreciate the large storage space underneath where they can put their diaper bags, purses, groceries, rain gear and the like.

The Cons

Although many users appreciate that the Contour Optima Tandem Double Stroller holds two car seats and can be used on any brand, what gave it a drawback is the fact that they have to literally take it apart so you can put inside the car and take it wherever you need to go. This implies that you would need to put it back together again once you arrive at your destination so you can use it.


Other than that though, there are no major complaints for the Contours Optima Tandem Double Stroller so far. Many parents recommend it saying it’s a good catch for its price and very useful for twins or if you have a baby and a toddler in tow. What’s more, as an added bonus, it looks really sporty and rugged. As one dad happily said, it helps fathers maintain their dignity especially when strolling with kids all by themselves. It doesn’t get any cooler than that!


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