Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller Review

Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller Review

How would you like a double stroller that takes only 3 seconds to fold? Certainly no hassles at all right? Add compact and self-standing to the list.
You’re probably thinking no such droller stroller exists at all huh? Well, think again because there is… Enter Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller.

Four Features that make the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller a Real Load Lifter

1. Three Second Fold

Elaborating more on the feature mentioned above, having a double stroller that folds easily in just a matter of three seconds is as convenient as it gets because it’s certainly not a problem transporting it from one place to another. As it also features a shoulder strap, you can sling the stroller over your shoulder if you find this easy in transporting as well. Moreover, the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller stands by itself, taking as little footprint as it can, so you’d definitely have no problem storing it especially if you have limited space.

2. Wide, Breathable Seats

If you happen to be taking your kids out on a particularly sunny day or say, in the peak days of summer, the last thing you’d want is for them to be throwing tantrums because they feel hot and sticky inside the stroller. Such a scenario would certainly have you at your wit’s end even if you are with your husband but what if you’re alone? How would you handle two very angry and, most likely, crying kids?
Well, the good news is the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller has wider seats for more space and comes in an air-mesh fabric so that they wouldn’t feel hot or sticky while in their stroller. Air can easily pass through both kids, even if they are side by side, leaving them in good spirits and sparing you from getting into a difficult and embarrassing situation. Not to mention, saving your kids from prickly heat as well.

3. Enhanced Comfort for Kids

Apart from being breathable, both seats of the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller are also reclinable all the way so your kids can lie flat in comfortable slumber bliss. A footrest is also available for them to use if they want their feet positioned straighter.

4. Safety Features

To make sure that your child is safe, the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller comes with an adjustable 5-point harness system and safety boot for newborns. Likewise, they’re compatible with Shuttle 33 car seats and the front wheel swivels for easy handling most especially inside stores.

Other Perks to Lighten Your Load:

  • An adjustable canopy that comes with a storage pocket for you to store some of baby’s often used gear so that it’s easily accessible. A viewing window works both ways: you get to keep an eye on your children and they can look up to you as well as you continue your stroll. It doesn’t hurt that it’s stitched with designer lining too.
  • Storage basket for both you and your baby’s things.
  • A removable guardrail that comes with a cup and snack and holder for you to put your drinks..
  • Seats can be removed and washed for even added convenience.
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Customer Scores and Reviews

Having an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller has a total of 37 reviews. Around 20 users gave it 5 stars, 10 gave it 4 stars, 4 gave it 3 stars, 1 gave it 2 stars and 2 gave it 1 star. The most common features that parents like are:

1. Really Compact

Many parents are pleased to find out that the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller is indeed narrow enough to pass through doors and aisles. This makes it ideal for use inside malls, grocery stores and airport. One mom said that it had no trouble getting through airport security.

2. As Light and Foldable as it Can Possibly Be

This stroller’s weight is only 22 pounds while regular ones are around 22-33 pounds. As you can see, there’s already a significant difference which comes very handy when you’re transporting the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller in and out of your car or when the situation calls for you to carry it when you are traveling. As for foldability, it’s a four-fold stroller so that’s another brownie points to be happy about.

3. Small but Sturdy Wheels

One look at the wheels of the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller may leave you a bit doubtful if it’s durable but you’ll soon join the number of people who have been impressed with how it can easily handle uneven pavement and that it can handle walking on grass as well. Be that as it may, take note though that this double stroller is not built for the off road terrain that’s ideal for jogging strollers.

4. Seats with Room to Grow

When you buy a double stroller, certainly what’s in your mind is for it to be used for years to come. Well, you’ll be happy to know that the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller features seats with enough space for your baby to grow. With its reclinable options, you’re assured that its seats will remain as comfortable as they were when you bought it, your kids are sure to love sitting on it as well.


Among the negative reviews that the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller have, most common are the minimal size of the storage baskets. This especially posed a problem for one mother who said she had a hard time getting to it if one of the seats are reclined with a carseat in it.
For canopies, they can’t be rotated forward if the sun’s quite hot and shining on the eyes of your child. You can just either fold or unfold them which isn’t really utilizing its fullest potential. What’s good though is they come with a pocket in the back where you can put your cellphone, sunglasses or keys.
It can be inconvenient to have cup holders that are useless because it’s quite shallow and it doesn’t really hold much. Furthermore, the adult cup holder doesn’t have a strategic position because the bar serves as hindrance to access.
Overall, despite its drawbacks, the Combi Twin Sport DX Stroller still has more thumbs-up compared to the thumbs-down. If you want a more compact stroller that’s not a hassle to bring, then this would be quite ideal for you.
Just take note though that along with a smaller-sized stroller are features that would naturally be smaller too like storage space. If such would be an issue, you can improvise by hanging a backpack or diaper bag to hold other baby gear at the back of the stroller.
And lastly, as nimble as it is, do note that its wheels were not made to be used offroads or on other bumpy terrains so refrain from using it while jogging or running to avoid mishandling.


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