City Select Double Stroller Review

Imagine yourself happily strolling with your two kids, humming along and feeling the breeze caress your face for about a maximum of 15 minutes. After that time’s up, what started out as a stress-free leisure stroll turns out to be a nightmare as your kids eventually got bored and restless, trying out all sorts of ways to get out of the stroller.
How would you handle such a situation especially if you’re alone? Well, that’s when City Select Double Stroller comes to your rescue.

Features that Make the City Select Double Stroller a Life Saver

1. Multi-Seating Arrangements

You’d be pleased to know that keeping your kids occupied while riding in the City Select Double Stroller is a breeze because with its multi-functional design innovation, you can choose a variety of seating arrangements that’s up to 16 unique combinations. With such a number of seat options, your babies are sure to be kept from getting bored and restless. You can carry on with your stroll in peace.

2. Reclinable Seats

What’s a number of seating arrangements when it doesn’t give your babies the slightest bit of comfort? Certainly no use at all right? The City Select Double Stroller comes with seats that can be reclined, even all the way, so you can have your infant sleep comfortably. At the same time, your toddlers can sleep well on it too when he’s tired and wants some shut-eye himself.

3. Patented Quick Fold Technology

With your convenience in mind, the engineers of the City Select Double Stroller designed it in such a way that you would have no difficulty in folding it at all because it can be done in just one simple step. You can even do it in one hand if your other hand is holding your child or something else.

4. Lightweight Wheels with Front Wheel Suspension

Lightweight wheels with front wheel suspension and sealed ball bearings allow this stroller to give a smooth ride that practically glides so even if you are lightly jogging in your stroll in the park or hurrying while running errands inside the mall, you can be sure that your babies are still riding as comfortably as if you were just taking a leisure walk.

Customer Scores and Reviews

With a total of 28 reviews, the City Select Double Stroller has received an average rating 4.2 out of 5 stars. As of this writing, 19 gave it 5 stars, 2 gave it 4 stars, 3 gave it 3 stars, 1 gave it 2 stars and another 3 gave it 1 star each. As to what features parents liked best, here are some of them:

1. Wheels that Can Tread on Many Surfaces

This stroller’s wheels have proven to be really workable on many surfaces. One dad tried using it on narrow paths, grass and even snow and it’s held up quite well. A mom also shared It can also handle the uneven pavements of Manhattan with bumps, cracks and all. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that the City Select Double Stroller pushes even better on smooth surfaces even with your children riding on it.

2. Built with Quality Materials

Having such an ability to handle the scenarios given in number 2, it’s logical to conclude that this stroller is constructed with first-rate materials. It’s durable for use from birth up too because you can configure this with the optional Baby Jogger Car Seat Adaptor City Select, Single for one or two seats or babies.

3. Really Narrow

With the City Select Double Stroller’s narrow width, you’ll get to enjoy the advantage of having the ability to pass through narrow aisles like in your doctor’s office, restaurants and stores. Furthermore, it fits in between parked cars and with some room to spare at that. This is really good because as one mom shared, you won’t be forced to leave one child alone in front of or behind as you put the other one in their car seat.

4. Huge Storage Basket

If its seats face forward, this stroller features a huge basket but if it’s facing the rear direction, you have a limited storage. Either way, it still works great. There are also zippers found on 4 corners of the basket so you can still put or take out large, long items, like a diaper bag, even when the seats are still reclined.


Some negative feedback the City Select Double Stroller got from parent users concerns its weight and that is, to put it bluntly, a heavy stroller. Although many find to be one with a compact fold, it’s not easy in transporting it from one place to another because it can be a challenge carrying it in the first place.
Another concern brought up was its size. It’s a given fact that the City Select Double Stroller is quite expensive so if you’re going to buy it, it’s natural to expect a good ROI. One such good one is to have your kids use this stroller well into their preschool years. However, as some parents pointed out, it’s not as big as it should ideally be for longevity of usage. Users actually find this a shame because they like its features and would’ve wanted to use it for a longer time.


For what negative reviews pointed out, the City Select Double Stroller is still one of the top selling double strollers in the bunch. This just goes to show that parents are still satisfied with its performance and find that its advantages certainly matter more than a few flaws. Hence, despite the hefty price this stroller comes at, many parents still purchased it. If you would get yourself one after thoroughly evaluating the reviews, chances are, you’d have wonderful things to share too.


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